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Weird little dog gets a weirder Photoshop battle

A photo of a weird dog captured in an awkward moment stole the internet’s heart, then Redditors quickly Photoshopped the crap out of it.

It all started when Redditor zzzman82 posted a photo to r/Funny, claiming that one of their Facebook friends posted a photo of the dog in hopes of getting it adopted. “I think he chose the perfect photo,” zzzman82 wrote.

Reddit fell in love with the little weirdo, so as a show of their newfound affection, they did what they always do and Photoshopped the dog into some hilarious situations.

Clearly this dog is a lifesaver.

Image: porkchop-sandwhiches/Reddit

A superhero.

Image: dubjon/reddit


Image: averageRandall/Reddit

Something is fishy here.

Image: TmickyD/reddit


Image: KrombopulosJeff/reddit

It was just a puppet all along.

Image: ZEINthesalvaged/reddit

Clearly this dog is on the Dark Side.

Image: Forekus/reddit

Breaking Sasquatch News:

Image: Alzeimexia/reddit

Just hitching a ride on this little guy.

Image: sciteach44/reddit

Some people noticed he looked a lot like a server.

Image: nicosuave95/reddit

But in our opinion the winner is this gem.

Image: ThaiFighter_/reddit

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Dog Learns Irish Dance

Learning how to dance can be challenging, especially if you’re a dog. However, Secret (a 2-year-old Australian Shepherd) and her owner Mary look like the best dance couple ever. For many years, Australian Shepherds have been valued by stockmen for their versatility and trainability, and while they continue to work as stock dogs and compete in herding trials, Aussies have earned a lot of respect in other areas for their eagerness to please their masters. Looks like Broadway is going to be the next one!

Dog Learns Irish Dance

Learning how to dance can be challenging, especially if you’re a dog. However, Secret (a 2-year-old Australian Shepherd) and her owner Mary look like the best dance couple ever. For many years, Australian Shepherds have been valued by stockmen for their versatility and trainability, and while they continue to work as stock dogs and compete in herding trials, Aussies have earned a lot of respect in other areas for their eagerness to please their masters. Looks like Broadway is going to be the next one!

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Finland’s presidential puppy is here to improve your day

The world has been suffering political dog content withdrawals. After all, everyone’s still grieving the sudden withdrawal of the Obama family’s dogs, Bo and Sunny, from the world stage.

Donald Trump, of course, has no pets.

It makes sense then that the desperate gaze of pup-lovers worldwide has fallen on Finland and President Sauli Niinist’s badass pup, Lennu.

Lennu, a five-year-old Boston terrier, according to the Finnish outlet Yle Uutiset, has been making public appearances for some time now. He’s not fully media trained, and has a habit of distracting the cameras away from his owner and onto his own antics. And now, people outside Finland have caught on.

Lennu made a splash on Twitter, and the internet began hunting for as many photos of the presidential pupper as could be found.

Lennu has even been memed, as one would expect given the dog’s endlessly jubilant expression.

Finland’s president himself seems pretty cool he survived the deadly tsunami in Thailand in 2004 but he doesn’t have quite the same goofy charisma as Lennu. Sorry Sauli!

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The Wigs Come Off: ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Recap

Vanderpump Rules

Welcome to another week of . For what its worth, last weeks episode was called Beads, Beers and Tears and this weeks is called Man Tears and Braziers, so whoever is naming these episodes needs a new job. They really just want us to know somebody ended up drunk crying at this bachelorette party. Tears, at a bachelorette party? Groundbreaking.

Guess they should have read our article on what not to do.

I would also like to take the time to note that I am not down with this new Bravo logo.

Bravos shooting B-roll of everyone being hungover and Tom and Ariana making out. Vomit.

Jax: I drank half of New Orleans last night.

Thats a good quote, Im gonna use that next time I drink half of Manhattan. Or more accurately, Brooklyn.

Jax doesnt remember drunk crying.

Jax: I love you but this is like kicking a dead horse. Wait thats not right, is it?

Schwartz wakes Katie up to be like you were mean to me. And you think waking someone up when theyre hungover af to confront them isnt going to make them even more mean to you?

Katie didnt feel safe walking in a large co-ed group of friends in the middle of Bourbon Street ok.

Katie: Its like Im in the dang right now. If only I had a Noah and not a Tom.

Thats a great thing to say about your soon-to-be husband.

Brittany: The boys acted like weirdos last night. Jax was crying and stuff and acting like a homosexual.

Arianas going with the guys on a boat tour because God forbid she go to a nice restaurant for brunch and do something typically feminine for once. Arianas like I wanna see some fuckin gators arent you from Florida?

Jax: I think Tom may *possibly* be drinking to cope with his issues with Katie.

Somebody get this dude a Psychology degree. Doctor Jax Taylor over here.


I know, buddy. I know.

Why did I just see Sandovals ass, though? Somebody pass me the eye bleach.

These girls are passing out personalized Live Strong bracelets like its fucking 2001.

Scheana is still on her I hate seafood thing. In the middle of New Orleans. Bitch. She actually gets up and leaves the table because shes SO offended by seafood. Im glad she didnt blow that out of proportion at all, that would’ve been rude.

Apparently Katie fights with Tom all the time because of the Vegas girl. If you dont remember WTF Im talking about its because that shit happened in 2014 and you would think she wouldve moved on if she agreed to marry him. But yeah so anyway, recap: Schwartz made out with some girl in Vegas, which we all know means fucked.

Kristen: We just need to get Schwartz to admit he fucked some other girl before the wedding, that will fix everything.

I’m still processing.

What the . are you. I think Im having an aneurysm.

At the crab boil Carter brings up the Vegas chick and Toms like Ugh dude could you not? I’m not tryna keep up a years-long lie at my bachelor party.

Schwartz: Weve had horrible problems before that and after that.

Take a shot for every time you question why Tom and Katie are getting married.

Schwartz: This is Kristen propoganda. Fake news. Sad!

Jax: Why are you getting married? You dont wanna spend the rest of your life like this.


Sandoval starts crying because Schwartz cant just be miserable without Sandoval making this situation about him.

Lisas metallic hot pink lipstick is VERY early 2000s.

Lisa: We just try to switch the menu up by adding specials, and if they do really well, we *dramatic pause* add them to the menu.

Thanks Lisa, for explaining how restaurants work.

Everyones doing makeup and a cake gets delivered and the girl who delivers the cake is a stripper and Im getting slightly turned on and I cant be watching this at work, I gotta go.

*skips to commercial*

Ariana: Every drag queen has to have a drag mother

I was gonna criticize Jax for being down to wear makeup but drawing the line at having his dick taped, but honestly thats pretty reasonable.

The girls are all chanting Slap it! Slap it! while the stripper is twerking in a thong. #StopWhitePeople

Ariana: So many gender stereotypes are being broken right now. We are blurring the lines of what it means to be a man and a woman in todays society.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Stassi: Im feeling really insecure because she was doing things with her butt that I didnt even know could happen.

^Me in the club/everytime I watch a rap video

This sports bar allows dogs? Somebody call the health department.

Ariana really is taking the whole groomsman thing seriously.

Schwartz: Im getting married.
Random girls: Do you want a shot?
Schwartz: No!! Maybe. Actually can I get that in an IV?

Why is Ariana acting like Justin Bieber circa 2009?

Schwartz just told a girl she can play with his penis. Somewhere in the distance I hear the sound of Katies head exploding.

Bravo is really trying me with the footage of Jax peeing. Who are they taking their cinematography cues from, Lena Dunham? Next season on : footage from inside Jaxs assholeno thanks.

OF COURSE they went on a murder tour. Not gonna lie Stassi and I would be BFFs. I love murder (shit only white people say).

How tf did Shay get sun poisoning coming to New Orleans from fucking Los Angeles?

Stassi: If I took Sandovals photo in drag and put it on my dating app, hed get more likes than I would.

Damn Stassi, do we need to help you find some self-esteem? Do you need to come back on our podcast?

Katie: I know Tom and I fight but we are able to forgive each other and I know that doesnt make sense to a lot of people.

IDK Katie, I think plenty of people are familiar with the concept of forgiveness.

Kristen is sober and is confronting Schwartz about the cheating rumors while hes very clearly shitfaced. Seems fair.

If this is a lie, Im pretty impressed that Schwartz is able to uphold it while hes slurring his words.

Sandoval looking like a slutty Sia while telling Kristen to back off.

Stop trying to make Tequila Tom a thing, Kristen.

Schwartz: Kristens a psycho bitch whore.
Sandoval: OMG Brittany!
Schwartz: You were thinking it!
Sandoval: Yeah, but you said it!

Carters like watch your mouth and the Toms are like its not mean if its true. I mean, I don’t disagree.

Carter: You grew up and you became Sia.

The wigs are off, shits getting real.

Sandovals like I know you didnt fuck that girl. I know that because I have eyes on your penis at all times.

Katie was like I didnt wanna make it public knowledge but shes on a reality TV show.

Schwartz is like Im done with Katie. Im not marrying her. Im sure he definitely meant that and this isnt just a bullshit cliffhanger so Ill watch next episode.

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‘Keeping Up With the Kattarshians’: A cat reality show

(CNN)Despite what critics have said, reality TV has not gone to the dogs.

It’s gone to the cats.
“Keeping Up With The Kattarshians” is a streaming TV series from Iceland that features kittens in the place of Kim, Khloe, Kylie and the gang.
    The setup is purrfect: The kittens live in a dollhouse outfitted with hidden cameras. Viewers can binge-watch all the action. (Or lack thereof: There’s plenty of catnapping.)
    Inga Lind Karlsdttir is the brains behind the internet’s first kitten reality show. She told Vice’s Broadly that it was created in partnership with the Icelandic Cat Protection Society. The stars are kittens from a shelter.
    “It took about a year to put together, because we wanted all the animal welfare authorities to approve it,” she said. “And here we are, a year later, with the first reality TV show starring kittens. All the people who were laughing then aren’t laughing now.”
    The internet was made for cats, of course, and Karlsdttir said the response has been tremendous. The series has already drawn the highest-ever traffic to the website of Icelandic broadcaster Nutiminn, Karlsdttir said.
    “We like everything they do,” she said. “It’s fun when they go crazy and ruin the house, but it’s also calming to watch them sleep. It’s good for the soul.”
    With all that’s going on in the world, Karlsdttir added, “it’s nice to sit there and relax and watch the kittens.”
    The original four cats have been adopted, she said, and a new cat cast brought in.
    Sadly, Karlsdttir won’t be bringing any kittens home: She said her daughter is allergic.
    “But ‘Keeping Up With The Kattarshians’ is great for people with allergies,'” she said. “You can just sit there and watch the cats on your computer screen.”

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    The world’s first self-driving car race didn’t go according to plan

    No driver needed.
    Image: roborace

    For the first time ever, self-driving race cars zoomed through a course in public, with impressive (well, for one of them, anyway) results.

    Roborace, the self-driving racing series Formula E announced in 2015, made history with its first public trial race at the Buenos Aires ePrix last weekend.

    The two competitors: Devbots 1 and 2, which raced each other in a sprint around the Puerto Madero street circuit.

    Roborace says the winning Devbot 1 hit a top speed of 186 kph (115 mph) during the contest. Formula E’s normal manned cars can reach about 225 kph (140 mph), not waaay faster than the self-driving car. That said, it was only driving with one other car on the course adding more competitors to the field could slow it down a bit.

    The cars’ AI system passed one unexpected test: when a stray dog wandered into its path on the track, Devbot 1 was able to avoid the pup and stay on course.

    While the Devbot 1 handled the unexpected challenge of dodging a moving dog, driving through the course at full speed was too much to handle for Devbot 2. The car took a corner too sharply, overcorrected, and smashed up against the wall, ending the first ever totally autonomous public race in a crash.

    The crash is a disappointment for Roborace, which was working to bring the autonomous racing action to Formula E tracks before the 2017 season ends this summer. But it’s not all bad news: the AI system will learn from its mistakes and be in a better position than it was before the crash. Look for another demonstration at the next Formula E race in Mexico City on April 1 to see how much closer we are to successful self-driving car races.

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    J.K. Rowling takes a writing break to tweet proud dog mom moment

    J.K. Rowling isn’t just a famous author or human rights advocate. She’s also a dog mom.

    Yesterday, in between tweeting gems of wisdom and battling writer’s block, Rowling shared a proud dog mom moment with her Twitter followers.

    Rowling was responding to a WeRateDogs tweet that rated her adorable West Highland terrier, Bront. The pup scored an impressive 13/10.

    When a fan asked the author about Bront’s name, Rowling responded with the enthusiasm of a mother talking about her child.

    She responded:

    Whether named after a long-necked dinosaur or an English novelist, the story behind Bront’s name is sweet.

    Rowling has tweeted pictures pictures of her and Bront, often while she’s writing.

    It’s great to know that Rowling has such a faithful writing partner to keep her on track and motivated.

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