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J.K. Rowling takes a writing break to tweet proud dog mom moment

J.K. Rowling isn’t just a famous author or human rights advocate. She’s also a dog mom.

Yesterday, in between tweeting gems of wisdom and battling writer’s block, Rowling shared a proud dog mom moment with her Twitter followers.

Rowling was responding to a WeRateDogs tweet that rated her adorable West Highland terrier, Bront. The pup scored an impressive 13/10.

When a fan asked the author about Bront’s name, Rowling responded with the enthusiasm of a mother talking about her child.

She responded:

Whether named after a long-necked dinosaur or an English novelist, the story behind Bront’s name is sweet.

Rowling has tweeted pictures pictures of her and Bront, often while she’s writing.

It’s great to know that Rowling has such a faithful writing partner to keep her on track and motivated.

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